What is a Brazilian bikini? The simple answer: A bikini made in Brazil. Bikinis sold at your local retailer are not Brazilian bikinis. Period. 

What makes a Brazilian bikini unique? This is the better question and one that has been debated in the swimwear industry since the early days when Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth first basked in the sun on Copacabana beach. Is it the tropical patterns and colourful prints? Is it the Brazilian bikini bottom? Does it have to be made in Brazil? Answer: all of the above.

  • Tropical patterns and colourful prints are a trademark of Brazilian beachwear because Brazilian women are bold and exotic. They don’t do ordinary and neither do we. Even with classic designs and colours, our styles are as bold as our women.  
  • The Brazilian bikini bottom is the main difference. No, they don’t have to be thongs or dental floss. Yes, they are generally made with less material. Ditch the bulk! However, there are plenty of choices in designs and styles for all levels of confidence and body types; a little ruching, some side frills, scanty string ties, stretchy sidebands. Wear what you like, whether it’s a skimpy cut or a classy cut or a combination of the two (yes, you can do both, the choice is yours. Be bold!).      
  • MADE IN BRAZIL matters for two reasons:
  1. It’s authentic. Just like French perfume, Italian leather shoes, Swiss watches. And of course, Brazilian bikinis.
  2. With the body-positive movement taking shape, it’s no surprise the word “Brazilian” has become synonymous with “beautiful”. This tropical country is full of charm and beauty and the Latin American spirit is one of freedom and embracing beauty, not hiding from it. Brazilian women love to wear bikinis to best match their beautiful personalities.

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